PvP and You!

Well met, Crusaders!

Today I will be discussing Player vs Player and the impact it has on Social Interaction.  I have provided a podcast that will explain and discuss this topic. For those that prefer to read, feel free to read the script that is provided below the podcast.


Player Vs Player Podcast

Podcast Script

Well met crusaders!

Today we are going to talk about Player vs Player.  Yes, the part of the game that causes conflict and tension between players. That part of the game that gives rise to competition and pride for one’s guild. We all know what PvP is and understand the rules in participating in PvP. But what we need to understand is the Social Interaction involving PvP.

Some might say that PvP is not social but instead barbaric but they are absolutely wrong. PvP is the top of the chain of Social Interaction. The sight of: guilds vs guilds, player vs player, and the conflict between them to show who reigns supreme. This conflict gives rise to player interaction. This interaction between players is what makes PvP shine above all else.

Social Interaction is a big part of PvP but it has declined. As do all things in MMORPGs.

As of late MMORPGs have been using instanced based PvP. While some might enjoy the small clashes between players in an instance based arena, they need to understand that it also reduces Social Interaction among players. Instead of players interacting with each other in the open world in order to achieve common goals, they are instead instanced and put in a matchmaking system that randomly puts together players in a match in order to fight it out.

Ah, now you remember the Matchmaking System, the same system that separates players from the open world in favor for accessibility. This system decreases Social Interaction and breaks immersion from players in the world.

But it wasn’t always like this. No. Instead of instances, players had to clash in open world.

Some might say that this breaks immersion for players leveling in open world. But does it? Think about it for a second. What do all MMORPGs have in common?

Conflict. No matter what, all MMORPGs have some sort of conflict between two or more factions, fighting over control of something. If it’s part of the lore, then it should be part of the game.

Open world PvP is essentially just war. There will be casualties, there will be struggles, and there will be deaths. But what this brings to the table is much more than killing players. It brings players together to fight against the opposition. Players communicating with each other through chat, grouping together, and taking matters in their own hands creates Social Interaction. By eliminating Open World PvP for instance PvP, it destroys the opportunity for players to interact with each other.

We must understand that little by little, MMORPGs are becoming less of a multiplayer experience. It is up to us, the players and developers to realize that MMORPGs is not a collection of mechanics put together in a open world. No. It’s about creating Social Interaction among players. Lets bring back mechanics that force player interaction, not as a choice, but as a challenge. Let players interact with one another to achieve goals.  We must above all else, understand that MMORPGs is a Social Interaction game and should stick to mechanics that create Social Interaction.

So let us get rid of; Solo Questing, Matchmaking Systems, and Auction Houses that separate players from each other. Instead let us bring back Group Questing, Open World PvP, and Public Trading. By bringing back mechanics that require players to interact with one another, it will bring back what MMORPGs were truly made for. A Social Experience.

Stand up Crusaders, fight a long side me and together we can change the genre for good!

 The truth is in the design!

Join my crusade and together we can find the truth!

For those that have just joined, I go by the name Raistmere. Just like you, I am a MMORPG player. My passion lies in the design of MMORPGs. As a student of video game design, I seek to bring back the roots of what MMORPGs were design for.