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Well met, traveler!

Have you ever wondered what happen to social interaction in MMORPGs? Or perhaps you feel like MMORPGs have become more of a single player game then a multiplayer game? If so maybe you can help me spread the word of the decline of social interaction in MMORPGs.

Over the past years, MMORPGs have become less of a multiplayer experience. Games like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic provides players with such experiences. MMORPG experiences were never always like this. In fact, games like EverQuest and Ultima Online provided players with freedom to socially interact with one another. They even forced players to interact with one another in order to progress. But it is these differences between these games that is effecting the social interaction in MMORPGs. Players that play MMORPGs need to be aware of this decline of social interaction.

This blog will discuss topics concerning the decline of social interaction in MMORPGs. Each topic will be standalone and discuss changes that are effecting social interaction in MMORPGs. Some of these topics include;

  • Questing
  • Matchmaking
  • And End Game

The blog will also contain interviews with credible individuals that will provide; behavioral, psychological, and design approach to the issue.

The blog will bring:

  • Awareness to the players about the decline of Social Interaction in MMORPGs.
  • Call to action by spreading the word.

This blog will help players like you and me to understand more of the issues and spread the word for change. Social interaction in MMORPGs is as important as the design of the game and there is no multiplayer without social interaction.

Join me on this crusade. Together we can bring back the passion of MMORPGs!

I go by the name Raistmere and I am a MMORPG player like you. I am currently in college to become a video game designer. One of my passions is to create beautiful worlds where players like you and me can explore areas that we can only dream.

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